Up & Down
Both the upper and lower sash open, which helps air to circulate naturally. Both sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning.
Both sashes slide side to side allowing natural air circulation. Both sashes are removable for easy cleaning.
Crank Out
Hinge at the side (or top) and open out. Offers 100% ventilation.

Opens from the top by pulling down. Offers 100% ventilation.

Picture windows do not open but may be connected with other window types that do open.
Special Shapes
Special shape windows include curved and angled shapes. These windows do not open and are sometimes connected to the top of operating windows.
Bay or Bow
Combinations of windows that extend outward from your home. They maximize your view, can add a nice window seat, and they make your home feel larger.
Transform any room into a greenhouse with a three-sided Garden Window, featuring a glass top, a shelf, and side windows that open.
Sliding Door
One panel slides by the other with available blinds between the glass.